ABOUT US The Gumbo Mix DJ's are certified professional Disc Jockys that specialize in making continuous beats, rhymes and infectious rhythms.

The evolution begins with two turntables and a healthy library of songs on recorded vinyl and ends with the hardest edge blended effortlessly with a comparable driving production to generate club heat throughout the night.

The sounds of the all-night club party are transformed from the visceral vinyl energetic club party to compact disc the experience captured and now portable anytime, day or night.

Originating from his back room DJ Macadocious created a signature mix style that complements unexpected, original beats with familiar rap.

Specializing in using the right techniques to cause uncontrollable head nods and inadvertent body movements, you cannot not ignore these infectious mixes.

DJ Macadocious Nutt, the originator of the Gumbo Mix DJ's is a beat junky who reads the grooves of an album like a blind man reads Braille. His unique understanding of bars, thumping beats and hardcore rhymes gives him the unique ability to enhance the sound of an underground hit with a mainstream song on any level.

The Gumbo Mix Library, including, the Gumbo Luv series, and Tales from the Mix series, featuring DJ Skratch command a devoted following of hip hop, hardcore rap connoisseurs.

Advancing from the New York derivative of mix tapes, the Gumbo Mix sauces its CD's with a distinctive West Coast, San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area sound, enhanced by the newest phenomenon of the dirty South. The flow is continuous with little or no pauses, choppiness or intermission as found on the right coast.

The evolution of Gumbo Mix continuous with the introduction of state-of-the-art video mixing, promoting the latest video productions complementing the most recently released songs straight from the record companies, often mixed with cutting edge independent artistrenurs.

www.gumbomixandmerch.com is the hook-up where you will find the world famous, yet hard-to-find Gumbo Mix library. The recent production is interactive and technologically advanced for the sophisticated youthful listener.

When you visit www.gumbomixonline.com you will find the latest CD and DVD productions by the versatile DJ Macadocious Nutt, and DJ Skratch, traveling DJ's who, before now could only be found in a club or studio, but now are accessible at www.gumbomixandmerch.com.

Nipsey Hussle “The Hussle Mix" snippets <br> Mixed By DJ Macadocious
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